Thursday, December 20, 2007

More on "Off the Point"

KQED's Kristin Farr posted another review of the Hayes Valley Market show, "Off the Point," a group show of work by 35 Hunter's Point artists. (Nancy wrote about it here on Dec. 7th.)
From Farr's review:

The Hayes Valley Market is a gigantic, temporary gallery. It'll soon be reduced to a pile of rubble but, for now, it's an enormous art space that's difficult to contend with. As an individual artist, you'd be overwhelmed by the space, unless you happen to have several elephant-sized sculptures or an installation the size of a football field in the works. This is why most of the shows in the Market have been group shows like this month's Off the Point, the first annual Holiday Show featuring artists with studios in the Hunter's Point Shipyard.

The show's featured works are those of poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and mixed media artist, JoeSam. Ferlinghetti's fiery Elegy for the Iraqi People is on display, along with a photo print of the artist with a mannequin wearing nothing but shoes sitting on his lap. JoeSam has wall sculptures in two areas of the gallery made of things like wood, metal, handcuffs, a boxing glove, and a wheel that actually turns (don't ask me how I figured out that last part).

Rest of the story here.

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Nancy Ewart said...

It seems that we both agree that it's a good place to buy art work for people on your Christmas list!