Friday, December 21, 2007

Bare Branches for Winter

This show is closing tomorrow: Gyongy Laky at Braunstein Quay Gallery
The Steinberg Farmer Report on the show:
So many red dots! This work is in a word stunning. Gy├Ângy Laky's work employs materials from nature, with the occasional inclusion of recycled elements. Her sculptural constructions, referred to as textile architecture, hang on the wall or are free-standing. Laky's themes cross varieties of subjects and social issues, often taking the form of words, letters, or symbols. Wondering from whence Laky's interest in tree branches sprang, she admits " I was taken by the winter pruning of orchards. I had a strong visual response to the trimmed branches. I was born in 1944 in Hungary during the war. We had nothing. I found the pruned branches beautiful and useful, and the idea that they were considered waste to be burned, abhorrent." My personal fav: "Multiplied Thinking" is a gorgeous basket of Manzanita branches neatly sawed into small pieces, burnished to a majestic burgundy that shimmers in the light. All this beauty is firmly held in place by sheetrock screws.


Alanna Risse said...

Just saw it today! I posted lots of photos on the Bay Area Art Quake Flickr Group.

Anna L. Conti said...

Hey - thanks, Alanna: great photos!