Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mission Greenbelt at the SF Arts Commission

Mission Greenbelt Headquarters initiates a new SFAC Gallery exhibition series, Winter Workshop, which is designed to support artists engaged in the creation of long-term projects through providing space, administrative support and funding at an intermediary stage of the generative process. After a call for submissions, the staff of the SFAC Gallery chose Amber Hasselbring’s community-based urban earth artwork project, The Mission Greenbelt.

About the Project:
The Mission Greenbelt project will inspire and enable San Franciscans to begin growing an urban earth artwork. The Greenbelt will consist of neighboring native plant sidewalk gardens in front of homes, apartment buildings, storefronts and schools between Franklin Square Park and Dolores Park. In addition to improving the environment and creating a habitat for birds, insects, reptiles and small mammals, the project will unite and strengthen a community.

From November 10 to December 22, 2007 the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery transforms into Headquarters for the Mission Greenbelt Public Awareness Campaign. Headquarters is the central meeting place for Mission Greenbelt researching and campaigning. Headquarters also hosts a multi-media art installation, free public events and hands-on workshops. Visitors of all ages are invited to visit Headquarters and join in the effort to create a new San Francisco Greenbelt.

There is a Native Plant Demonstration Garden in front of the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery which is made possible through a partnership with Nature in City’s Education & Stewardship Committee.
Artist: Amber Hasselbring

The best piece on this is a funny, well written essay with neat photos up at SF Mike’s blog (image from his blog as well - permission granted to link). In fact, if you are interested in music, politics or art in the Civic Center, it's just a great read!


Civic Center said...

That's too sweet for words.

Nancy Ewart said...

Oh I don't know about sweet - it's my honest opinion. I read your blog all the time and think that it's one of the better ones around. Plus, when you write about the art scene, it fits right in with what we are trying to do here.

Anonymous said...

The Mission Greenbelt is one of the best urban ideas to come around since the folks making parks out of parking spaces.