Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10,000 Steps: A Quick Trip to SF MOMA

 Jim Goldberg, Rich and Poor series, 1982 
After an hour of walking around downtown, I entered the new SF MOMA to catch some of what I had missed (photography, outdoor sculpture) on my first visit.  Checking in, the desk associate suggested I also take the bathroom tour.    I wondered why anyone would apply for third floor bathroom docent.    One bathroom I entered was painted completely in the SF MOMA Orange, another was all in a blue/green.   Still not sure if this is a good idea, but it does eliminate bathroom monotony if one suffers from it.

Since the museum wasn't crowded this time, I went to the seventh floor and worked my way down. 

I spent some time looking over Brad Kahlhamer's large wire and bell sculpture Super Catcher.
 By the time I got to the photography exhibits, it was wall to wall people.   Jim Goldberg's series, Rich and Poor shows double prints of photographs of rich and poor persons together, first with one person describing in their own handwriting their happiness and relative wealth, then the other person.  Because of the crowd I didn't get very far into the exhibit. It is very moving and worthy of a first stop next time.

Jeff Muhs at The McLoughlin Gallery, 49 Geary Street        After SF MOMA, I headed over to Geary Street to see some of the remaining galleries there. At The McLoughlin Gallery, Jeff Muhs sculpture Penopeia convinced me completely that pink really does go with concrete.