Friday, February 7, 2020

Ending a mixed week with beautiful calligraphy

Ending a mixed week with a beautiful 'B' & a lovely 'L' from the beginning of Jerome's letter to Pope Damasus & Matthew's Gospel.
Egerton MS 609; 9th century; The Four Gospels; Brittany or Tours; ff.1r, 8r @BLMedieval

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Thomas Beutel
Sunset In Motion Art Show


For a fun quick trip through the Sunset District, see mixed media and constructions by currently on display in the Art Container of Playland at 43rd Avenue, located at 1360 43rd Avenue in San Francisco.

The main exhibit is Sunset in Motion, a diorama of the Sunset District.   A Muni railcar runs back and forth on command in front of a backdrop of small watercolors of neighborhood homes in afternoon shadow, their views blocked by telephone, cable and utility wires, just like reality.

Buttons on the front of the display cabinet will set off car alarms, foghorns, sirens, or the warning system announcement that echos throughout the city at noon on Tuesdays.

Beutel's additional works on view include clothespin butterflies that flap their wings, Ask Karl the Fog MuseĆ© Mechanique style question and answer machine, and Murphy’s Magical Windmill, among others.

Art Container hours for this show:

Saturday Feb 8 – Open Studio – 11AM to 3PM
Sunday Feb 16 – Craft Stick and Wire Automata Workshop – 1PM to 3PM
Sunday Feb 23 – Open Studio – 11AM to 3PM
Saturday Feb 29 – Closing Reception – 1PM to 3PM

Karl the Fog
Murphy Windmill

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