Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Web design and Art

I absolutely fell in love with this website, such a great concept and beautiful design. GYRE, designed by Shun Kawakami, happens to be the website for a commercial center in Tokyo's Omotesando district. When I visited this site what immediately came to mind was an art piece I saw a couple of weeks ago in the "Dark matters" exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts . The idea of one of the installations at YBCA is very similar to the GYRE website. The piece is called "Internet-eavesdropping installation Listening Post" by Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, in which random information from blogs and chats from the world wide web is shown in real time on little led screens. This is what it looked like. When I saw the Gyre website I couldn't help but feel that its designers had taken a very similar concept and made into something even more artful then the piece at YBCA. The commercial setting is perhaps what might prevent us to call this website "art", but wouldn't you agree it belongs in an art museum just as much?

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