Monday, November 26, 2007

New Blood at Sausalito's ICB Artists' Studios

30 year ICB Artist Elaine Gentile welcomes newcomer Dana King.

Sausalito's Industrial Center Building, the ICB, is zooming into its 40th year as an artists' building with new energy, new blood, and a great new PR Program.

All this is just in time for OPEN STUDIOS:
480 Gate Five Road in Sausalito.

We have a new PR program that's putting us on TV, You Tube, in the press and bringing writers and media people to our special press previews. You can search on You Tube and see a bunch of us already online. Everybody is psyched for Open Studios this year. The whole building feels electric, energetic and professional. We hope the public reading this and ALL the ARTISTS will come. The margaritas are in Studio 259D, that's me Sherry Miller, and everyone else participating has lots of food, drink, art, humor and music to offer.

Some recent events:

David Perry, ICB PR Guru at October 19th Press Preview - 300 attendees

November Marketing Tips for Artists. Presentation by
David Perry at ICB in Anne-Marie De Rivera and Jody Keane's Studio

Francis Galli (left), 89 years young, and painting every day,
takes time out for the October 19th Press Reception.

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