Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SF Open Studios Report: Jennifer Ewing

photo © Marianna Whang, 2009 All rights Reserved

Jennifer Ewing has been working on her "Spirit Boats" series for a few years now, but she keeps finding new ways to explore the topic. Ewing started the Spirit Boats series of paintings in January 2005, after her father passed away. Creating the paintings made her feel closer to her father, and helped her grieve over losing him. She has said, "The paintings give the viewer pause for reflection and an invitation to a journey filled with radiant light. These boats are ready to take passengers. I believe we all need our very own spirit boat to move us into the light."

This year, one wall of her studio was lined with her luminous boat paintings, and on the opposite side of the studio boat sculptures floated in the air, suspended from the ceiling with translucent lines. The boats were made with many materials, including curly white feathers which added to the illusion of flight. She gets the feathers from a friend who raises the special breed of duck. The feathers are shed/gathered naturally with no harm to the ducks.
photo at right © Marianna Whang, 2009 All rights Reserved

Jennifer Ewing
Developing Environments
540 Alabama Street, at Mariposa


Nancy Ewart said...

Anna, what a superb series of reports!

Anna L. Conti said...

Thanks, Nancy. I still have a few more for this week ( not sure if I'll get to them all.) I hate to think I'm hogging all the bandwidth here. If someone else wants to post on the same day as me, especially this month, it would be OK with me. I'm going to try to visit studios every weekend in October and then, in the following week, post very short reviews of a few artists. Please - someone else - join in!