Sunday, October 11, 2009

Open Studios Report: Kirstine Reiner

from guest blogger, T. Newson

I stopped by the new studio of my friend Kirstine (KerSTEEna) Reiner, during the ArtSpan sponsored San Francisco Open Studios. Her studio is now in Workspace Ltd., a revamped industrial space located at 2150 Folsom Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. The light is good and the space much more condusive to painting than her recent studio spaces in Dogpatch, where an unidentifiable miasma of environmental toxins made her feel sick all the time, or her first studio space in the Workspace building itself, which was also the access route for another artist into his studio.

Reiner has also recently found a new apartment in a nearby neighborhood (one of my absolute favorites), with a sunnier microclimate than her previous one.

The photos here don't do justice to Reiner's paintings. (Click on photo to see larger image.) She is one of the best I have ever seen for technique (including what I've seen in the Louvre), and within the deceptively simple images there resides both a vibrant tension and an expansive, often sublime tranquility.

See more of her work at:
(photos by T. Newson)

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