Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shanghai - Art of the City at the Asian Art Museum

My longer piece on Shanghai is up at Chez Namaste Nancy. I haven't exhausted the subject so be prepared for more. Upcoming is "Soiled Doves, Modern Women and Celluloid Goddesses - the visual vs the virtual."


Anna L. Conti said...

Wow, you're really digging into it! I love it - so many posts on this show says to me that it has to be seen (or in my case, seen again.)

Nancy Ewart said...

Oh yes, I intend to go back more than once. I love research and this city has history in spades. I knew enough when we went to wonder about how "clean" everything was. I think that Shanghai, like China, has parts of it's past that it would prefer to remain forgotten. But I wanted to be an archaeologist and like an archaeologist, I love digging in the dirt.