Monday, October 20, 2008

Brian Rutenberg at Toomey-Tourell

I'd seen photos of Rutenberg's art but the reality is much deeper, spiritual even, with layers of intense colors, played against dark forms. Rutenberg says that the inspiration for his complex pieces come from many sources - his native Carolina landscape, poetry, the shapes of words, and his studies of Neolithic and Celtic art. His comment, "An eye, told not what to see, sees more," speaks to an intense engagement with the philosophy, materials and methods of painting. The small gallery resonates with his vibrant colors and textured surfaces; it's one of the most beautiful shows of abstract art that I've seen in a long time.

"I love that, that merging of, of language and image. So I love the idea of that last line: "At every instant I expect/what is hidden everywhere." The idea that, that a painting can make the invisible visible, and that, at every minute, something could change or shift or dazzle your eye" BR

49 Geary St, San Francisco

Excellent write up at the gallery website
Artist's website with videos explaing the why's, the how's and the where-fore's

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