Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Fish by the Beach

Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios

3 Fish Studios recently moved from Dogpatch to my 'hood, the Outer Sunset - 4541 Irving Street (at 47th Ave). They took over an old grocery store space and have really made it work for them - it's so perfect as an art studio/gallery that you can't imagine it as anything else. After walking by several times and not finding them open, I lucked out today. Both Eric (the primary printmaker) and Annie (the primary painter) were there. They welcomed me and my nephew, Dylan, showed us around the place and made me an espresso. My first thought was "what a gorgeous, inspiring place for a couple of artists to work."

My next thought, was, "are these (Eric's prints) woodcuts or linocuts?" They have some characteristics of both, and they reminded me of Tom Killion's woodcut images of local landscapes. Eric talked about his admiration for Killion's work and his experimentation with color throughout the run, as well as second editions with recut color blocks.

Eric's imagery is pure, concentrated San Francisco: the bridges, the industrial waterfront, the skyline, the icons. Even the landscapes have an edgier feel. That's Eric at top, with a bridge print on the press and a couple of Godzilla in SF prints on the back wall. Annie's paintings cover the same territory, but with a painterly esthetic. Their prices are really affordable, for paintings, prints and classes.

They teach classes in the evening and have a flexible schedule in the studio. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood, or call for an appointment if you're coming just to see them.

3 Fish Studios
4541 Irving Street (at 47th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122

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I wrote a piece on Eric and his Three Fish Studio when he was getting reading to show his work at Arc Gallery: