Friday, February 10, 2012

Katherine Westerhout at
Electric Works Gallery

I just wanted to write a little note about how fascinated I was with Katherine Westerhout's photos of an abandoned indoor swimming pool, and her photo of calcification of lime mortar around the windows of an abandoned building, now on display at Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco.

Then I checked out Westerhout’s web site, which led me to search on “Calcification of mortar” and “Grossinger’s Pool,” which led me to more photos of abandoned buildings and blogs by Jonathan Haeber aka TunnelBug, which led me to read his senior thesis for a Landscape Architecture course on the history of miniature golf, but since it took up all my allotted writing time,

The End

posted by Phil Gravitt

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Stephen F. said...

Thanks for pointing to Jon's work on the Grossinger's. Westerhout is poaching locations that Tunnelbug and other friends of mine previously visit.