Monday, December 28, 2009

Alchemy at Gallery A440: Joy Broom and Jerry Leisure

The gallery finishes off the year with a show featuring Joy Broom and Jerry Leisure. Married for 35 years, their work  mirrors a mutual interest in layered images, pulled from nature and drawings reminiscent of medieval alchemical texts. Using paint, paper and ink, Joy's most successful work finishes off the smaller pieces with a layer of wax so that each piece shimmers as if it were taken from an ancient civilization. DeWitt Cheng, writing in the East Bay Express said: “Broom's work shows the interpenetration of plant, animal, and human realms, with semi-transparent butterflies, birds, insects, polyps, worms, cocoons, branches, roots, and seeds radiating auras like wave fronts, and answered by juxtaposed and superimposed human hands and faces. The works themselves appear arrested in the process of metamorphosis, half science museum and half sacred grove.” The show also features some more naturalistic three-dimensional colleges which are less successful. Her partner, Jerry Leisure sculpts small wooden heads, merging imagery evocative of both African sculpture and surrealistic nightmares. The show also features a few of his small-scale digital work that also combines layering and collage.

Through December 31
49 Geary St, 4th Floor
San Francisco

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Images courtesy of Gallery A440

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