Thursday, April 2, 2009

Naomie Kremer
Paintings and Hybrids
Modernism Inc. Gallery

Modernism Gallery usually has interesting exhibitions, and that is the case with the current showing of paintings and “hybrids” by Naomie Kremer.

As seen in "Quark" above, the chaotic order of Kremer’s works explode with bright and clear colors, like Jackson Pollock after a Benadryl and six sessions with a personal organizer.

Each of the paintings share a common message: Come hither, keep looking, there is more to see. In many of the paintings, as in “Mixed Greens” below, one finds little villages of forms and figures slipped in and under the canopy in the forest of green.

Kremer’s “hybrids” are paintings that also include video projection. The projections bring movement to the canvasses, each in a different way, in addition to slightly altering the color due to light, shadow and focus.

Subdued whites become bright whites in the bouncing light; I found myself blocking the light with my hand to separate what was light from what was paint. In "Hybrid Lines" above, the rolling waves of light bring the painting alive with ripples moving across a painted body of water.

The Naomie Kremer exhibition runs through May 2 at Modernisim, Suite 290 in the Monadnock Building (worth a visit on it's own), 685 Market St, San Francisco.

By Phil Gravitt

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