Monday, January 26, 2009

Will Marino
Bees, Tickets and Dartboards

If you are wandering around the San Francisco financial district, deposit yourself in the Concourse Gallery in the lower level of 555 California Street, and admire the paper constructions of Santa Cruz artist Will Marino.

The Concourse Gallery is a short, wide hall lined with a series of angled glass cases mimicking the exterior architecture of the building, formerly the Bank of America headquarters.

Marino’s mixed media creations start out as rolls of tickets or colorful dart boards. After knocking out the center of a dartboard, Marino unwinds all the paper rings. As he rewinds the paper, he pulls and pushes the paper into long, horn shaped spirals, as well as bowls, cones, domes and arches. Marino often adds found materials and objects such as a jack-in-the-box metal container to the base of a spiral, and small round items to the tip.

The colored edges that made up the dart board patterns, and the printed words and characters on the ticket rolls, form new patterns as the spirals stretch out. When complete, Marino adds additional color and fuses the forms with a gel medium.

For other constructions, Marino rolls the paper into what look like small multicolor cinnamon rolls, and installs them in wood frames or interesting boxes, occasionally inserting bees between the rolls.

Recent works by Will Marino will be on display through March 14, 2009. Marino is represented by Cain Schulte Gallery, and the curator of exhibits at 555 California Street is Casey & Associates.

Also in 555 California are paintings by Maxine Solomon, on the Plaza level, and Art Books of Henri Matisse, in the gallery at the Concourse entrance to the B of A bank branch.

By Phil Gravitt

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