Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chris Hardman at the Presidio Officers' Club

Artist Chris Hardman has an interesting show titled "Transforming Art, Where Does Reality End and Illusion Begin" at the Presidio Officers' Club Exhibition Hall in the Presidio of San Francisco. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera so the image on the left is from the website

This show is primarily sculpture. Hardman uses wood cut with a jig saw, painted and constructed in an abstract and sometimes kinetic way. He uses light, shadow, reflection, illusion and movement to challenge the viewer’s senses. Many of the pieces are interactive and involve walking around the piece, carrying reflective viewers and wearing 3D glasses. Fun!

My favorite piece is on the left when walking into the Exhibition Hall. A wooden Picasso-like sculpture spotlighted by reflected light from two directions. It's shadow rests on two walls, one looks like an owl, the other a human head.

The Presidio may seem like an out-of-the-way place for an art exhibit but it's easy to get to. One can combine it with a walk on Crissy Field, a hike in the woods, or any other the other new and interesting venues the park has to offer.

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