Friday, May 15, 2009

New blog for the Asian

The clever and hardworking Tom Christensen of Right Reading has done it again. The blog is full of fun pieces and teasers for upcoming shows like the upcoming show: Lords of the Samurai which opens June 12th.For more than six hundred years, Japan’s government depended on a warrior class known as the samurai. As a result of the prowess and loyalty of these fighting men, the highest political authority belonged to the shogun, their ultimate leader. The shogun wielded immense power despite expressing deference to the emperor, who was recognized as the head of the country. Samurai means “one who serves,” and these men served powerful feudal lords known as daimyo, who governed regional domains throughout Japan. It was by balancing these lords of the samurai against each other that the shogun retained power.In a warrior culture, even the dogs wear armor -no cuddling these iron covered little bodies!

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