Friday, May 29, 2009

John Abduljaami at A440 Gallery

In a West Oakland lot at 2205 Magnolia, just off West Grand, sculpture artist John Abduljaami lets the wood be his guide. He's there almost every day working from 9am to 5pm. Sometimes he sees a bird. Other times it's a dog, a cowboy on horseback, a rat or a walrus. "Then I start drawing with the chainsaw," Abduljaami told Spark in an interview.

at A440 Gallery, 49 Geary


charming36 said...

I wonder if these people take the time to research the artist they celebrate? I mean murder has nothing to do with how talented a person might be...but I wonder if they know that John Abduljaami killed my mother...his wife!! In 2006 he dropped her half dead at a hospital, stole her mercedes, hightailed it back to Ca. to collect her pension and has never looked back. He also threw all of her belongings in the garbage instead of giving them to my brother and I. He also collects social security on her sweat every month. Just thought u would like a little background on ur artist. P.S. My family, friends and I will be asking people to forward letters in this matter to all companies that public support John Abduljaami. My mother was a very loved, wonderful woman who did not deserve to die by the hands of this monster. Ask him if u dont believe me and watch his initial facial expression and response.

American Artwork said...

charming36, Dear Alicia, I am sorry for your loss. Your brother, the hospital records, and John see the events differently. Your mother had a operation on her leg which didn't go well and developed blood poisoning. John was with her until the end, drove her to her mother's house in Detroit, where she wanted to go, and back and forth to the hospital while doctors tried to help her. He did everything he should. He did not settle any of the estate, and left because of your threats. He did visit your brother. He is sorry for you and your loss, but is in no way responsible for the blood poisoning, which was determined to be from the leg operation and the screws the doctors used. You should ask to see the actual records. Any of your other claims could be addressed by legal authorities, except they didn't happen as you say. Your mother was wonderful, and though you may not like your step-father, you are perhaps doing her memory a disservice by making false accusations against John. Again, were any of what you said true, John would be contending with the law, rather than his own failing health. I hope you let go of your pain, and stop trying to inflict it on others. I understand the loss of the mother is the greatest; I hope you find peace.