Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland

Joyce Gordon Gallery

Yesterday I visited the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland. The main show drew me in, but there were many unexpected pleasures here .

The main room is a solo show of work by Stanley C. Wilson, a Los Angeles artist. The work was mostly on paper, bright primary colors & black, simple graphic forms and symbols. There were also several installations (or altars) composed of wooden houses and other objects, surrounded by low wooden fences.

Joyce Gordon Gallery

At the back of the gallery, a small side room holds painted ceramic sculptures by Michael Chukes, of Altadena, CA. Based on the human form and vibrantly painted, they have an emotional influence on the room, even though they're in a dark corner.

Joyce Gordon Gallery

Joyce Gordon Gallery

The big surprise of the visit, for me, was the Jacob Lawrence and Elizabeth Catlett prints - all great pieces.

Downstairs, a photography show was being readied for Friday's opening, but Ms. Gordon let me have look. The photographers were from San Jose State and the work was mostly images of people attending and/or participating in Barack Obama's campaign.

Ms. Gordon is very friendly and approachable - a good gallery to visit if you're near the 12th Street BART station in Oakland, or even if you're not.

Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

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namastenancy said...

Another place to visit once school is out - we've been studying Jacob Lawrence and Elizabeth Catlett in my African-American art class and it will be wonderful to see the work in person. I remember a show featuring Jacob Lawrence some years ago- maybe at the old De Young?