Sunday, May 3, 2009

"The Botany of Nests"

Western Tanager, Piranga ludoviciana, Western Foundation of Vertebrae Zoology

Every time I visit Strybing Arboretum I stop at the Helen Crocker Russell Library to see what is hanging. I love the show up right now, photos of bird nests by Sharon Beals.

The prints are fascinating. I particularly liked the Golden Masked Tanager who’s nest is in a wild honeycomb, the House Sparrow who’s nest is made of yarn and other things foraged from a backyard, and the House Wren’s abandoned nest with chicks (which are now just skeletons).

The detail and clarity of the prints is astounding. They are printed larger than life and engage the viewer with the subject.

The show is on exhibit until June 30, 2009.

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Sharon Beals