Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Francisco Zine Fest

I visited the San Francisco ZineFest today to check out a couple of my favorite art forms: comics and artist books. The show didn't disappoint. All together it had a very indie, DIY vibe. Lots of good work here, but I'll just mention two artists I'll be following. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from these guys:

Theo Ellsworth at SF Zine Fest

Theo Ellsworth is a self-taught artist living in Portland, Oregon.
He writes and draws comics, makes art zines, draws constantly, and on occasion, teaches workshops. He's a quiet, serene guy and he was sitting alone at his corner booth with lots of killer prints and luscious books. His work is intricate, visionary ink and watercolor drawings, somewhere between Maurice Sendak and Charles Ware. (Interview with Ellsworth HERE.)

His most recent book, "Capacity" (336 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 978-0-9799609-2-5, Price: $15.00) is available on the publisher's web site and on Amazon.

Paul Barron at SF Zine Fest

Paul Barron was chatting at a crowded table in front of a wall of posters & prints - mostly wood and linoleum block prints, including some two color/two layer prints. Very nice work, with delicate hatching, clean design, and classic social justice themes. He lives in Oakland and recently collaborated with Roberto Miguel on a piece that showed at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

He was sharing a booth with two other artists. They all jumped up and bolted when I pulled out my camera and asked if I could take their photo for this blog. (What? Do I look like the FBI or something?)

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