Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday Art Sprint
75 minutes, 2 museums and 1 gallery

With two hours to idle away, along came the idea for an ADD inspired artists date: Race downtown before two exhibits closed. Thanks to a collision free Muni ride, I was downtown quickly. Now on foot, I headed down Second Street to my first stop, the Andrea Schwartz Gallery. I was almost there when the bus I could have waited for drove past. Theory: Over any distance, under optimum public transportation conditions, riding the bus will save 37 seconds over walking.

Friday was the last day of WORD, an exhibit of paintings and mixed media containing words, with guest curator Danielle Steel. I am fascinated by art, books and words. However, most word and book exhibits I eagerly go to, then find myself underwhelmed. The exception is the annual BookArtsJam held at Foothill College every October.

Donning my sunglasses again, I powerwalked to Third Street and caught a three block bus ride to SFMOMA. It was actually a two block bus ride. Since it was an articulated bus, I got on at the front and walked a half block back to the rear of the bus. When I got off, I walked a half block up to the front of the bus.

The Richard Avedon exhibit at SFMOMA still has several months to run. Avedon is another famous photographer who had a big career in the fashion world. Appreciation: The average photographer takes a picture of someone who isn’t smiling, and the effect is one of despair, sadness, irritation, lack of energy. A professional photographer takes the same picture, and oodles of character emerge. Of course, it helps if, for example, you are a drifter in Sparks, Nevada, and for the picture you change from a torn army jacket into a Ralph Lauren blazer.

My final stop was the Contemporary Jewish Museum nearby. I was carrying a little too much metal, so it took a while to pass through the airport style security. Inside, I received a discounted ticket since some exhibits were being installed.

Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater runs through September 7. The exhibit includes murals, posters, paintings, drawings, programs, video, collage, constructions, and more. I especially enjoyed the Cubist style full color drawings of actors in costume, including those by Chagall and Ignaty Nivinsky, as well as several miniature architectural constructions of theater sets.

Since I made it back to MUNI before my transfer expired, the ride home was free.

By Phil Gravitt


David W. Sumner said...

That's my idea of a great Sunday afternoon. Well done.

namastenancy said...

What a great report of a fun afternoon - except for Muni. But what's a little challenge when you are looking at art.

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