Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Register for Indy Arts Expo and symposium

Coming up near the end of September are two related events hosted by Independent Arts & Media. Indy Arts describes itself this way: “Independent Arts & Media is a producer's co-op and media/culture incubator with a mission to expand civic dialogue by increasing access to independent voices. We empower, educate and incubate independent art and media projects.” Their website provides resources and updates about their workshops and other events.

The first event -- a symposium entitled “Art Works When Artists Work” -- takes place on Friday, September 25th in Berkeley. This will be a full afternoon of discussion, panels, workshops, and networking following a keynote address by Arlene Goldbard, Author of New Creative Community, The Art of Cultural Development. Tickets to this event range from $0-35.00. No one will be turned away for inability to pay, but you need to register first.

The second event will be the next day, Saturday, September 26. This will be the 10th Annual Expo for Independent Arts, to be held on the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park. They expect up to 200 arts organizations to participate. You can simply attend the expo, or you can sign up to exhibit at this event as part of an arts-related organization. (Unfortunately, solo artists are not able to exhibit here.)

In a later post I will talk a bit more about my limited experience with Indy Arts. Based on what I’ve seen, their level of professionalism and commitment is very high. So I’d really encourage you to sign up for the Expo events coming up in – ooh – just four weeks!

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