Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let us now praise famous women and men who left us in 2009

Robert Coldescott - Death of a poet (AP wire)

Plus a wonderful New Year's Day post from Sherry Miller, one of BAAQ's far flung correspondents: 

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Anonymous said...

Around 1971 in Soho NY we used to go to openings late Saturday afternoon. One day my friend and I picked up this guy and then my friend's pocketbook was snatched (which almost never happened cause Soho was in Mafia Little Italy territory). A cop car drove buy so we all jumped in including this new guy and we were involved for about two hours looking for the purse snatchers. Turns out that guy was Robert Colescott - very young then but I always followed his work after that. Terrific artist. Great life worth celebrating. Hooray for Robert!