Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keith Hansen in Bolinas

Keith Hansen in his studio

Keith Hansen in his Bolinas studio. Keith is friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic birder who also happens to be a talented artist. His studio is not only the space where he paints, it also serves as retail space, bird observatory, and ad hoc museum. He is currently working on a massive project, identifying and illustrating he birds of the Sierra and he showed us one of the panels from that project (above.)

Keith Hansen's Studio

Keith Hansen's big window looks out on a courtyard filled with bird feeders, fountains, and plants - and birds. There's a constant hum of birdie activity there. He's hooked up a tiny video camera to a scope and very little prodding, he'll replay videos of birds who have visited the space recently. This 2 to 3 minute video shows Keith in his studio, using the set up:

Keith Hansen's Studio

Keith Hansen's watercolor table and palette in his Bolinas studio.

(All photos by Anna L. Conti - more of Keith and his studio here.)

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