Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bird Show at Tangent Gallery (Sacramento)

Parking Lot Bird by Summer Lee
Oil on canvas

There's still time to catch the Bird Show at Tangent Gallery in Sacramento -- but just a few days. The show comes down this coming week, but if you're in the area, be sure to arrange to go by and see it.

Like most Tangent shows, this one displays wide variations on a single theme. Previous months have featured, among other things, the Dead Show--in October, of course--and the Pink Show--in honor of Pink Week. So now, with art big and small, 2-D and 3-D, the Bird Show celebrates all things bird.

Here are some examples of the artwork on display until next Wednesday:

This piece made it into all three of the above-mentioned shows

Dead Pink Bird by Erwo
Bird and spray paint

Birds and Bees House by Mary Mortimer
Mixed media

Gaggle by Anthony Maki Gill
Reduction fired porcelain and stoneware

Divine Conception of the Flesh II
by Rogelio Manzo
Oil on canvas

Birdseed Rosary by Summer Lee
Birdseed and thread

(displayed with the box she made to store it in)

This ceramic piece, Mitosis #2, is by Ianna Frisby:

And, again from Summer Lee, The Rent in the Veil, made of porcelain and cremated birds

A little bit about Tangent Gallery--the following statement is from their website:

Tangent is an artist-run gallery/studio space established June of 2007. Designed and built in a corner shop that once housed a Safeway, Tangent is a modest gallery with three simple goals: to display dynamic and compelling modern art by local and non-local artists, to give back to the neighborhood in which they established the gallery by attracting commerce and visitors, and to serve to the community of Sacramento by offering art that, in many cases, other local galleries have been unwilling to display.

Even though Tangent is technically open only on Friday afternoons and every Second Saturday evening, the artist-proprietors are always happy to open up if you give them a call in advance.

Tangent is located at 2900 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818. Their hours are Friday 12-5, every Second Saturday from 6-10 pm, and most any other time by appointment. Give them a call!: 916/956-2491.

See photos of artwork from Tangent's exhibitions at

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Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

It's great to see other artist run galleries and what kind of shows they're having and what they're about. I love birds! I belong to an artist run gallery in Bend, Oregon called Tumalo Art Co. and we're having a figurative show right now.