Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Work at the Galleries

Guillermo Bart at Gallery 415 (49 Geary)

Chilean born artist Guillermo Bert's signature style is beautifully executed artworks with harsh political messages. The opulent finishes of gold and glossy jewel colors against the stark and hard edge laser cut barcodes with their blunt irony are a perfect example of the dichotomies he explores.

Julie Heffernan at Catherine Clark (through September 27th). Her work combines Bosh, surrealism and an ironic look at modern life to create works that are disturbing and beautiful

Other New Shows @ 49 Geary:

1) Brian Gross Fine Art (fifth floor): New work by Roy Thurston; work by Anna Valentina Murch

2) Gregory Lind Gallery (fifth floor): "Beacons, Floaters and Lost Objects," works by Sarah Walker.

3) Haines Gallery (fifth floor): "Gold Mountain," sculptures by Zhan Wang, "Library of Dust," large-scale photographs by David Maisel.

4) Mark Wolfe (suite 202): "Waiting for the Water," sculptures by Jeremy Mora.

5) Robert Tat Gallery: "Pictoral Modernist," photographs by Karl Struss.

6) Steven Wolf Fine Arts (suite 411): "Let's Pretend," works by Charles Fahlen.

other gallery openings:
1) Cafe Royale: 800 Post; "When is Now," paintings by Christina Empedocles and Leah Rosenberg.
2) Dolby Chadwick: 210 Post; Paintings by Emanuel Bernstone.
3) Frey Norris Gallery: 456 Geary; "Experimental Studio," three projects by Shen Shaomin.
4) Hang Art: 556 Sutter; "Colorfields, Colored Skies," new paintings by Addie Shevlin.
5) Hang Art Annex: 567 Sutter; "Intentionally Unintentional," new works by Hang Art artists.
6) Jenkins Johnson Art Gallery: 464 Sutter; "The Figure Today," group show.
7) Marx and Zavaterro: 77 Geary; "In God We Trust," works by Andrew Schoultz.This looks particularly interesting as Schoultz takes on America, George Washington and the War in Iraq8) Meridian Gallery: 535 Powell; "Art of Democracy: War and Empire," group show.
9) 111 Minna Gallery: 111 Minna; "Golden," Recent work by Serena Cole and Tahiti Pehrson.
10) Rare Device: 1845 Market; "Sleep Walk" new work by Amy Earles.
11) Rena Bransten Gallery: 77 Geary; "New Work," photographs by Matthias Hoch. "Leave it on the Dance Floor," paintings by Joseph Park.
12) Trogonon Gallery: 77 Geary, second floor. "Transitions, Transformations, and Transcendence Hybrid," works by Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton; "Adventure Art II-XIX," by Terra Fuller.

images from gallery websites; list from the Examiner; comments my own.

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