Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jane Grossenbacher Retrospective

Jane Grossenbacher's Retrospective
Jane Grossenbacher - A Retrospective of Photographs and Photogravures 1972-2008
The Gallery at 323 Potrero Avenue
(between 16th and 17th Streets, in San Francisco)
Open weekends 1pm - 5pm
Sept 12 - Oct 19, 2008
(photos of the opening here)

Don't miss this show. If you have any interest in B&W photography, you must visit the gallery on one of these upcoming weekends. Her rich, emotional imagery, and her luscious prints fill the gallery walls, several racks, and a beautifully boxed set.

Jane's body of work is extensive (her web site only has a tiny sampling that doesn't begin to do her justice.) She has mostly focused on people and animals, including scores of dancers and countless cats and dogs.

Her dogs remind me of Elliot Erwitt's images. She once told me that she loved shooting dogs because of their open hearts. "They don't guard themselves," she said, "it's all in their faces and their bodies."

Her photogravures of a Moroccan camel herd caught in a sudden thunderstorm are a tour de force.

Jane is in hospice care, at her home in Project Artaud.

"Jane has a great depth of vision that reveals an essence the subjects themselves would find surprisingly refreshing." - David W. Sumner

She worked hard on perfecting her photogravure technique - images of a print workshop led by Jane: on Flickr. Two of her photogravures above: "Scoopback" and "Dancer Guitar Mirror", both ©Jane Grossenbacher


Anna L. Conti said...

Jane passed away early this morning. Her cat Babbazulu, her husband, and two close friends were at her side

Balhatain said...

...I was going to ask if there is a way to contact her. Very sad to know that she passed. Your post introduced me to this artist. So thank you.