Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daniel Levigoureux at Thomas Reynolds Gallery

Last night Thomas Reynolds Gallery opened a show of new works by Daniel Levigoureux. I attended and liked the work very much. From my collector's point of view the work seemed very affordable and well crafted. The works range from the interestingly geometric to rather spare.

Also on display are a few drawings that Daniel did upon arriving in the City.

IMHO Thomas Reynolds continues to be one of the nicest people in SF much less the art world. A drop by at his gallery is well worth your while as a couple works by most of the other artists he represents are on display in the back room as well.

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namastenancy said...

I see that you beat me to it; I love this gallery and the guy who runs it. I saw a knock out show last year by Henry Villerme (sp?) who was rediscovered after many years away from painting by Reynolds. I was not only impressed by the show but by the gallery owner. How many gallery owners would give a guy like Henry a second look much less take the time to take to me, somebody who obviously couldn't afford to buy one of his paintings.