Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Michael McMillen: Train of Thought' at the OMCA

I liked the show a lot better than I thought I would; usually conceptual and installation art leaves me cold but this was interesting, thoughtful, quirky and edgy. 

 Michael C. McMillen: "Train of Thought," the current exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) is a retrospective look at the career of Michael C. McMillen, an internationally renowned Southern California-based mixed-media artist. The exhibition features large-scale multisensory installations, assemblages, sculptures, paintings, drawings, and films that invite viewers into McMillen's imaginary world, Review up at:

(really infuriating that the Examiner template cuts off the top and bottom of almost all images) 

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Anonymous said...

His installations are amazing. His last exhibit at OMCA was The Pavilion of Rain. The title piece was a boat in a shallow moat, being continually dripped/misted on; one entered it via a gangplank. It was one of the most moving, evocative pieces of art I've ever encountered. Many yrs later, Phil Linares told me that he hadn't been aware at the time of the show that the boat was McMillan's dad's reliquary....