Monday, September 20, 2010

Independent Publishing: Where's It At?

FREE arts workshops tonight, tomorrow night, and next Saturday (9/25) in SF: (via Ramona Soto)

Independent Publishing: Where's It At?
Monday, September 20, 6-8PM
Viracocha SF, 998 Valencia St. @ 21st. St., SF

What will rule publishing? Print vs. Internet? ... or are people even reading? How do you start and run your own small press? What literary events are happening? What spaces are available? How do you promote your lit'ry endeavor? Who's writing, who's reading, what's happening around the Bay Area?

•Mike Skott (Ink. Publishing
•Ramsey Kanaan (PM Press,
•Tony DuShane (Cherry Bleeds,
•Deborah Grabien (Plus One Press,
•J. Brandon Loberg (Performance poets, publisher of "The 16th & Mission Review")
•Ginger Murray (Whore Magazine -

Promoting Your Underground Art
Tuesday, September 21
Mission Comics & Art, 3520 20th St. x Mission St., 6-8PM
How to promote your event on a limited budget, and on the edge of propriety.

•Evan Karp (QUIET LIGHTNING Reading Series,
•Bix Warden (Bookings/Outreach, Mission Control,
•Doctor Popular
•Caroline Thompson (promotions for Broadway musicals "Wicked," "Peter Pan," etc.)

Also: PLEASE DO COME TO SF next Saturday: Wonderful Expo for Independent Arts with workshops galore!! PLEASE SHARE!

Writing for marketing, PR, grant proposals, storytelling and more
10:30-11:30 (CELLspace, 2050 Bryant St. SF)
Dalya Massachi, author, Writing to Make a Difference
Josh Wilson, co-founder, Independent Arts & Media

Social networking
11:45-12:45 (CELLspace, 2050 Bryant St. SF)
Emily Goligoski, arts and culture writer
Therese Davis, Songbird Festival founder
Kwan Booth, writer, editor, cultural curator
Johnny Funcheap, founder, FunCheapSF
Gregory Stock, arts promoter

Community collaboration and project documentation
2:30-3:30 pm (Sports Basement, 1590 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA)
Wendy Testu, Project Director, Welcome to the NeighborHOOD
La Constance Shahid, Project Coordinator, Welcome to the NeighborHOOD
Lise Swenson, filmmaker
Gregory Stock, arts promoter

Online fundraising
3:45-4:45 pm (Sports Basement, 1590 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA)
David Hunt, co-founder, Circus Bella
Michael Stoll, SF Public Press
Lisa Lee, Hyphen
Irene Kao, Hyphen

* * * *
1:00-4:00 pm (CELLspace, 2050 Bryant St. SF)
SFAC’s Face Time

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