Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art and Science

I ran across this 2005 story on NPR which features artist Ned Kahn. Kahn is a scientist/artist whose work highlights natural phenomena and, as he says, "let[s] nature do the sculpting." His work is rarely static; rather, it focuses on recurring patterns of behavior in nature. You're probably familiar with many of the exhibits he's created for the Exploratorium, but his work doesn't stop there. Be sure to visit the video gallery and portfolio on his website to see some of the other fascinating work he's done.

Although my link over to the side still doesn't connect to anything, you can always reach me at -- Ramona Soto (bluemonk)


Author said...
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Author said...

Really amazing !!

I have never thought about it.
But the pictures seems really fentastic.

I am trying to get art class on ineternet. Can you guide me?

namastenancy said...

Ramona - if you have a blog, you can add the URL to the list yourself. If you don't know how to do this, e-mail me and I'll do it for you.