Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Photography Gallery Coming to Town

In the March issue of Black & White Magazine, Richard Pitnick reports that Nile Tuzun, creator and owner of, will be opening a photography gallery here in San Francisco very soon. Tuzun's web site indicates the date for the opening of the Sacramento Street gallery is set for March 19th.

Tuzun has been representing about 15 Italian photographers on her web site and is now taking that big step into an "actual" gallery space here in the City.

A few years ago while in Rome, Tuzun was so taken by the work of contemporary Italian photographers, that she decided to create the on-line gallery to represent, exclusively, Italian photography.

According to Pitnick's article, photography in Italy is only now coming into its own. Tuzun believes that's because in Italy photography competes with such a rich tradition of fine art that it hasn't received the recognition it deserves.

What ever the reason, the opening of a new photography gallery in San Francisco, and one with a fresh and all together new perspective is more than welcome, and long over due.


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